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Happy st George’s day!!!

Today i found out i am a pacifist

Can’t wait for…

Halloween… me and p-hotaru are doing a Victorian doll costume, ie creepy dolls. Its gonna be fun!

p-hotaru's party…. its a 'sweet sixteen' alice in wonderland party, I'm cosplaying the mad hatter :3

summer 2015…. I’m going to the 23rd scout jamboree, to japan! :D

Anonymous asked: relationships suck


yeaah they really can suck
which is why I’m single
and going to marry my cat

p-hotaru ;)

My self-portrait for art gcse :3

They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard by Chiichanny


everyone on this website

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Happy Easter!!!

Just too cute for y’all

I absolutely adore this picture of my dad and sister- 2003