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I’m going to france tomorrow until the 31st of August and I have no internet so i won’t be posting D:

Just to let you guys know ;) have a nice holiday everyone ;)


Remember when Katy Perry found a loaded gun in Rihanna’s purse during the VMA’s.


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sigils and symbols of Supernatural

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  • "And it is told of Maglor that he could not endure the pain with which the Silmaril tormented him; and he cast it at last into the Sea, and thereafter he wandered ever upon the shores, singing in pain and regret beside the waves. For Maglor was mighty among the singers of old, named only after Daeron of Doriath; but he came never back among the people of the Elves."
  • "But the jewel burned the hand of Maedhros in pain unbearable; and he perceived that it was as Eönwë had said, and that his right thereto had become void, and that the oath was vain. And being in anguish and despair he cast himself into a gaping chasm filled with fire, and so ended; and the Silmaril that he bore was taken into the bosom of the Earth."

(The Silmarillion, chapter 24, Of the Voyage of Eärendil and the War of Wrath, by J. R. R. Tolkien)

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sssh. she’s not a lizard she’s a turtle 

why do I get into convo’s just before I’m about to go to bed!?


Where is my blanket of shame 
I need to cover myself with something
I’m sorry

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don’t ever go on a car ride with me because i won’t talk to you i’ll just stare out the window the entire time

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